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The Portsmouth Academy

The Portsmouth Academy

This is the main entrance to The Portsmouth Academy which is based on St. Mary's Road

How do I get there?

Use Google Maps to plot your route to school.

The route marked in blue is from our school to The Portsmouth Academy.

Map out your route from your road.  Can you find more than one route?


Going to a new school is a big step but the Principal, Mrs Grey, at The Portsmouth Academy is certain that her school will offer you a great experience.  

Read the Principal's Welcome


As you embark on your exciting new learning journey, you are bound to have lots of questions.

Visit the September Starters 2021 page of The Portsmouth Academy Website

September Starters


Part of your transition will be identifying with and becoming part of a new school with new rules, routines and of course a new uniform. It is nice to start the new year with a new uniform and this year it will be even more special as you embark on an exciting new journey. 


The School Day

As you can imagine, the school day at The Portsmouth Academy will be different to our day at Stamshaw, but it will still follow a similar pattern of lessons, lunch and break times.  Take a look at the Learning Day section of the Portsmouth Academy website.

The Learning Day


As with Stamshaw, The Portsmouth Academy will have their own behaviour policy; a set of rules that help everyone achieve their best in an environment that is calm and productive for all – adults and students. 

Also, similar to our school, there are a set of school values and a policy on bullying, which all support their behaviour for learning approach. 

Behaviour, Ethos & Values


One of the big differences about secondary school is the range of different subjects you will learn, which will broaden your horizons.

Explore the Curriculum on The Portsmouth Academy website



We all know that lunchtime is one of the most important times in the day and at The Portsmouth Academy you will be spoilt for choice with a three weekly menu that offers you a taste of mouth-watering cuisine from around the world. Here is an example of what the menus will be like, but they probably change now and then as do ours at Stamshaw.


Extra Curricular Clubs

As well as different subjects, The Portsmouth Academy will offer you a wide range of clubs that you can take part in after school and during lunchtimes.

The link below shows an example of clubs that may be on offer

Extra Curricular Clubs