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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Deputy DSL

Rob Jones

Deputy Headteacher



Sam Cantini

Upper School Phase Leader

Maths Lead

Kate Weatherston

Lower School Phase Leader

English Lead

 Romany Shairp

Teaching & Support Staff 

Year 3

Romany Shairp English Lead
Sarah Tankard History & Foundation Curriculum Lead
Pippa-Jayne Warner  

Year 4

Dan Barrand

Computing & Modern Foreign Language Lead
Keiran Massey Physical Education Lead 
Victoria Piper Geography Lead

Year 5

Kate Weatherston

Maths Lead
Andy West Science & Design and Technology Lead

Year 6

Amanda Bushell

Gill Dawson Art Lead
Sam Rogers Religion and World Views Lead
Cover Supervisor

Julie Daly-Powell

Debra Witt

Teaching Assistants Nikki Ballantyne
Paula Bartlett
Jocelyn Blasco Steele
Leanne Brindley
Alison Egerton
Mary Elliott
Diane Baker
Sammy Grainger
Michelle Jones
Hazel Stanley
Becca White
Pastoral Support Team Shelley Baldwin Deputy DSL
Maria Broad Deputy DSL

Office Team

Business Manager (SJS & SIS) Nina Glover
Finance Assistant Clare Giles
Administrative Assistant Amanda Smith
Administrative Assistant Mary Eastman
IT Support Karen Palmer-Roach

Site Team

Site Manager Mike Bond

Sue Page

Sharon Newton
Cherie Smiles

Lunchtime Support Team 

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Michelle Jones
Lunchtime Supervisors

Mike Bond

Nikki Ballantyne

Paula Bartlett

Ruckshana Begum

Amanda Smith
Leanne Brindley

Alison Egerton

Mary Elliott
Sharon Newton

Hazel Stanley

Becca White

Diane Baker

 Network Management

Rocket Computer Services Ben Esposito

 Portsmouth SCITT

Course Principal Cate Worrall
SCITT Manager Emma Cornish
Course Coordinator Hayley Aldis