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Communication and Interaction

Communication and Interaction (C&I)

Communication and interaction needs may involve difficulties with:

  • understanding and processing language
  • the use of spoken language or nonverbal communication
  • Social communication and interaction
  • Speech sounds

Resources and activities to support with communication and interaction skills can be accessed below.

Useful Online Resources 
The Speech Express  

Activities for Speech and Language Practice at Home

Chatter Pack  

FREE Speech and language, OT, and many other SEND resources for families and schools

Messy Senses - Messy Play  
Sensory specialists supporting children, young people and adults  
Information and advice to help you help your child learn to talk and support any speech, language and communication needs.   
Useful Documents & Activities
Speech, Language and Communication (Section 5 - Schools Therapy Resource Pack)  
Conversation Starters  
Games to Help Children with Vocabulary