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SJS Junior Author

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Meet Our Latest Junior Author

Lucas, from Year 6 is the latest of our talented Junior Authors to have his story on the shelves of the Stamshaw Junior School library!

Lucas earned himself a Headteacher's Award with his epic tale of Axelia the Axolotl.

Lucas' Story is called The Chronicles of Axelia: A Hero's Journey Through Worlds

Here's the blurb...

In a world teeming with magic and peril, Axelia, a young and determined sorceress, embarks on a journey that will test her courage and unravel the mysteries of her past.  As she grapples with her unique abilities and confronts ancient forces, Axelia discovers a hidden realm filed with danger and wonder.  With allies and adversaries at every turn, she must harness her inner strength to protect those she holds dear and uncover the truth that could reshape her destiny.  Join Axelia on an epic adventure where magic intertwines with destiny, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

A fantastic story Lucas - we are proud to have your book in our library!