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Year 4 Stubbington - Day 1

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Year 4 Stubbington - Day 1 

Year 4 arrived safely at Stubbington Study Centre on Monday and settled in well.  They started off their first day by meeting the Stubbington staff and having a tour of the facilities. They were shown where they would be sleeping before sitting down to lunch.

Their first activity focused around teamwork.  The children had to work together to complete obstacles while carrying jugs of water...blindfolded!

Year 4's next activity was to build hotels to capture small mammals. The children placed their hotels around Stubbington and plan to return to them tomorrow to see if they have caught anything.

House activities and dinner followed, along with a wildlife show.

Mr Massey reported at 21:25 that Stamshaw were finally checking out for the night! 

Year 4 are in for a very busy day on Tuesday!