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British Science Week continues at SJS

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The Universe, Galaxies and The Solar System

British Science Week continues at SJS - this time with a visit from Portsmouth University's Cosmology and Gravitation department.

We were joined by Dr Nic Bonne and Dr Jen Gupta (and Austin the dog) who gave a detailed presentation about the universe, galaxies and solar system. In classrooms, they then demonstrated the huge distances between planets and the scale of our universe using a receipt roll; ensuring the children develop their understanding of just how and where the Earth fits in to the world we live in.

Finally, the children explored the skill of 'classifying', by classifying galaxies based on their understanding of shape, size and colour.

A huge thank you to the outreach team from Portsmouth University for once again visiting and sharing their wonderful knowledge of Earth and Space, and for answering the children's and teacher's questions!