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Day 2

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The Day After the First Night.

The children were fantastic and had no trouble falling asleep in their new surroundings, even if some fell later than others!

Year 4 were up early and raring to go.  A full hearty breakfast gave all the children the energy to start the day.

The first activity was a small mammal study.  The children visited their hotels to see if any guests had arrived. Luckily, a few hotels had residents which were still sleeping. They woke them up carefully and discussed what they could see. The children took some measurements and sketched their new animal friends.

After lunch, Year 4 paid a visit to the tuck shop which they all found very exciting!

Year 4 then moved onto the conservation area and explored various ponds with nets, placing their finds in water troughs. They returned to the classroom to look at some of the exciting, unusual wildlife that they found.

Year 4 then took part in another set of house challenges, including practising for 'the S factor'. 

The children had another quick snack before attending the nature show to see some amazing wildlife photography.

After the excitement of a very busy, fun packed day, the children were for ready for showers and bed.